About Jeff

What I do

I am a psychic medium, spiritual intuitive, and energy healer based in Los Angeles, California. I communicate with Spirit through the angelic realm, helping clients connect with their angels, spirit guides and departed loved ones. The work I do supports people in their personal evolution and helps them to continue making progress on their own unique journey in this physical world. In our sessions, I seek to deliver messages of peace, healing, and guidance. Through this work, I hope to empower my clients to release resistance and embrace all of the goodness that Spirit intends for them in this life.

How I became
The Spiritual Giant

Looking back, this is a gift I’ve possessed my entire life. As a child, I didn’t comprehend or know how to explain the spiritual experiences I was having–they simply were not something my young mind could understand–so for the most part I kept this aspect of myself hidden. It wasn’t until I was in my late 20s that I began to realize that the messages I was receiving were meant to be shared. Since then, I have come to appreciate this aspect of myself and sought to develop ways to utilize this gift in service of others.

In early 2017, when I first began to create my spiritually-based business, I struggled not only with what to call it, but also how to describe my connection to it in a way people could clearly understand. One day, as I was walking my dog, a random memory suddenly flashed into my mind: a few years prior, I had been sitting alone in a restaurant while traveling on a business trip and overheard two people gossiping a few tables away from me.

One of them suddenly exclaimed sarcastically–clearly in reference to someone they both knew–“Oh she’s SUCH a spiritual giant. Haven’t you heard her preaching endlessly to anyone who will listen?!” And back in the present moment on my walk with the dog, I burst out laughing and thought, “Well, there you have it.” From that moment on, I half-jokingly began to refer to myself as “The Spiritual Giant”. Being well over 6 feet tall, I appreciate the double meaning. For much of my life, I felt self-conscious about my height. For some reason, I’ve always wished I could just blend in, but being so tall made that practically impossible. Now that I’ve grown more fully into myself and my purpose, I know I’m meant to stand tall in my truth, and to help others do the same.

We all have the ability to stand tall and live our very best lives.

Jeff Carignan

What to expect

I should state here that I do not make a habit of predicting future events. If messages come through in a session that look into the future, it’s always to give the client reassurance that spirit knows what’s going on with them and to provide feedback on the ways in which the person is speeding up or slowing down the manifestations they desire. I work with you in the present to help you heal and release any issues or false lessons you may have learned in the past in order to help you successfully create your own future.

Spirit only reveals to me the messages that are needed at the present moment to help guide the client back to the path they are meant to be on, and to encourage them to take an active role in focusing their energy and intention to create the life of their dreams. Ultimately, the experience provides an opportunity for people to receive validation that our angels, spirit guides, and departed loved ones know exactly what is going on in our hearts, minds, and lives. Sessions are meant to be an uplifting experience and to be a catalyst for personal evolution and healing.

Note — I refer to “Spirit” here as a general way of describing all positive and supportive energies of the spiritual realm, but, more specifically, all of the energies of the spiritual realm which have messages for YOU. I don’t get to see everything about everyone’s life. I only see what Spirit wants you to know right now to get you back on track to living your best life.