Below is a general guideline of the types of sessions/services I offer, but each session is unique and usually incorporates elements of all spiritual areas. The sessions are interactive, and you are always encouraged to ask questions and participate in your reading as it unfolds. Sessions are available in person, or by phone.

Psychic/Intuitive Session

This session is geared to connect with your angels and guides to provide guidance on specific areas in your life. I can address your questions regarding love, relationships, family, career, finances, or any other area of your life you would like to address.

Mediumship Session

All mediums are different. We connect with Spirit in our own personal and unique ways. For me, I connect with Spirit and ask any loved ones wanting to communicate with you to come forward. Because I am communicating with energy, I usually do not see faces or hear names. In order to establish who has come forward, they share images, thoughts, and emotional impulses with me to help me identify who they are and the messages they wish to share. I then act as an intermediary, delivering messages between you to help you find peace, hope, healing, and perhaps assist with closure.

Although our departed loved ones are often eager to communicate, I cannot guarantee who steps forward or in what order. I can assure you, however, that we will work together to establish who has come forth, and that I will faithfully share whatever messages they have for you.


60 minutes — $185

Good for a focused session when a client wants to address a few specific areas or topics

90 minutes — $250

Recommended for a first session, or when a client wants to cover substantial ground

120 minutes — $300

Best for sessions with more than one person, or when a client wants to cover a lot of ground in one session

I do not charge by what type of session you would like. I only charge by time, which you can utilize however you want. If you would like guidance in an area of your life, but also would like to contact a departed loved one, we can book enough time in the same session to do both. It helps if you bring specific areas you would like to work on (relationships, career, etc) and focused questions so we can take full advantage of the time we have together.

Readings are available in person from my home in Studio City, or by phone.